Zero Transaction Fees for 1 Year

We recognize small businesses are dealing with unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we’re offering one year of our POS system free with the Cents license.

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We're in this together

At Cents, one of our core values is being “In It Together.” As our country faces a crisis from COVID-19, this value has never been more critical.To help our laundromat and dry cleaning partners weather this COVID-19 storm, we’ve decided to offer free POS services for a year, to anyone that needs help. Here’s what to expect:
✅   Free POS for a year
: 0transaction fees for the following 12 months wit
✅   Training: The Cents team will offer remote and on-site training for you and your employees *average onboarding takes 1-3 hours.
✅   Quick Start – have your Cents system up and running within 2 weeks.
✅.  Dedicated Support: 24/7 resources and support for you and your team
“Cents not only helped my business through the peak of Covid-19 in NY, but helped my business grow and serve more customers and communities then ever before!”
Peter Stern — Clean Rite Laundry