What to Look for in Pickup and Delivery Software - Jordan Berry's 2 Cents

Right now is one of the best opportunities for laundromat owners to grow their businesses and expand the radius of potential business for their laundromats. At the core of any quality PUD service is a software platform that helps the owner manage the business, keep track of employees, serve customers well, and run an efficient operation. Choosing the right PUD software is essential.

Essential Qualities and Features of a Great Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Software:

1. A top-notch development team

When you're choosing a software to work with, you're not only choosing which software to use, you're also partnering with the people who created it and who are managing it. Whenever possible, have conversations with people in the company before actually choosing a software. For example, you can get a live demo of Cents and interact with a Cents rep to get to know the software and the people building it.


2. Top-notch support

If you're going to build a business on the back of a platform, you want to know that if (when) things go wrong or you have a question, you're going to get fast, responsive support from the company. 

Related to support, you want to ensure that the software is continually being updated. As the company receives feedback from owners, they should be constantly improving it. 


3. Simple, yet complete

It needs to be simple enough for your attendants, drivers, managers, and anyone else on your team to be able to operate it. However, the software needs simplicity without giving up the necessary features, processes, and capabilities. Simple means intuitive and easy to use, not a lack of depth. 


4. Necessary features

So what features do we need to confirm haven't been sacrificed? Here are a few to make sure are included.

  1. It needs the ability to integrate with a POS system that is able to be configured for a laundry business.

  2. It must have a driver route management feature. Money can be earned or lost in the efficient or inefficient deployment of drivers

  3. Inter-team communication. It must have a way for the team to communicate with one another to ensure your business runs smoothly.

  4. Marketing features. Specifically, automated emails and texts to customers That follow-up and follow-through are what separates the pros from the amateurs.

  5. Reporting. Data reports will help you take your business to a whole new level.

  6. The ability to grow with your business.

This concept works on both ends of the business spectrum. You need your software to allow you to work small when you're just starting out. Cents, for example, integrates with 3rd party drivers to help you manage your pick-up and delivery business without the whole business of picking up and delivering the clothes!

On the other end of the spectrum, it would be a nightmare to scale up your PUD business only to find out that your software no longer meets your needs. So make sure the PUD software you choose can grow with your business and scale to as large as you want to scale.

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