Cents X Gusto
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Improve Your Employee Experience

We're excited to announce our partnership to help laundromats and dry cleaners offer best-in-class payroll and employee management!  

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About the Partnership

With this partnership, Cents will be offering the best-in-class payroll and employee management system to new and existing customers.


Create a more efficient employee and in-store management process.

As part of the Cents all-in-one platform, owners and operators will have more flexibility when processing payroll and the ability to provide transparency to their employees with a singular platform that is automatically updated with information such as break time notice, performance numbers, rewards, and more!


The People Platform

Elevating an industry starts with the people. Manage your growing team, all in one place.
Hire, pay, insure, and support your employees with the Gusto all-in-one people platform, integrated through Cents.

Full-Service Payroll
Employee benefits
Time and attendance
Hiring and onboarding
Talent management
Insights and reporting