Everything you need to grow your laundry business

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Owners and operators have to puzzle-piece several systems just to create a solution for their operations. It's time to change that.

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Every aspect of your business in one place

You shouldn't have to look in 10 different places to know how your operation is doing. Consolidate into a single solution that saves time and gives your customers an unforgettable experience.

Cents OS

Business Management & Point of Sale

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Whether you run a single store or multiple stores, you'll have everything you need to grow, manage, and understand your business. Transform your operations with a smart POS, insights, employee management, and more.

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Cents Dispatch

Pickup & Delivery

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Support your own drivers and enhance your delivery offering with third-party drivers. With a streamlined, flexible platform, you'll provide customers with a convenient and familiar experience.

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Cents Connect

Payment Systems & Machine Control

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Having your machines online unlocks your business in real ways. It is the essence of your entire laundry operations, which is why its crucial to know everything about them: why they are running, who is using them, turns per day, and more.

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An integrated suite of payment systems


An in-machine device that processes mobile payments and brings your machines online for control over features like pricing and remote start.


A customer-facing device that has all the functionality of the Pulse in addition to payments with credit/debit cards and stored value cards.


Collect payments in one centralized location at your store to offer loyalty cards that can be loaded safely via cash or card.

A great partnership

"We’ve been utilizing the Cents platform for almost a year and it’s incredible to see how the product continues to develop and help our business."

- Ariana Roviello, Laundré

Game changer in the industry

"Cents allows me to scale, streamline my operations and offer new services like Pickup and Delivery without having to have my own drivers or insurance which is a game-changer and helped increase my overall volume by 20%."

- Lily Li, Lily Laundromat

Set you up for success

"I've either demoed or used almost every laundry POS software platform, and I've never had support like I have had it at Cents."

- Waleed Cope, The Soap Box

A seamless process

"Once I heard that Cents offered a pickup and delivery management feature, I was sold. All of the scheduling and customer interaction is done within the software. It's easier to offer this service to my customers than ever before."

- Felix, 2 Boys Laundromat

Easy to use

"Cents has been able to provide the same sort of service that I try to provide my customers. The ease of use is incredible. Anyone can pick up a tablet and can understand how to use the platform which is amazing."

- Milton Espinoza, Laundromat @ Fairview

Checks all the boxes

"Cents is totally geared towards what we do here as a laundromat, especially operating and wash and fold. Because of the previous system that we were using, my team was intimidated by all laundromat softwares, but those feelings quickly disappeared with Cents."

- Tracy, TLC Wash House
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Take Cents for a spin

There's only so much we can say — so let us show you! Schedule a demo today to learn how Cents can help you reach your business goals.