Speed up your billing with advanced
commercial invoicing

Commercial laundry blog

Grow your commercial business with modern laundry invoicing software. Cents gives you advanced tools to accept online and ACH payments, automate your follow-up, and provide a better client experience.

Commercial laundry blog

Create stunning invoices that get paid faster

Record every step of the wash & fold process through a dedicated point of sale, and when all the loads are clean, you'll transform completed orders into a professional invoice.


Instantly generate accurate, professional online invoices

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  • Personalize a customer-friendly template with your branding, business information, and custom line items
  • Process orders in-store via POS, send invoices from mobile or web
  • Accept any form of payment - card, ACH, check, or cash
  • Set up commercial accounts with custom pricing and terms
  • Get notified when invoices are paid, overdue, or pending
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Automate follow-up and collection, so you'll stop chasing payments

  • Online payments and flexible ways to pay speeds up collection
  • Send reminders when invoices are overdue, sent, and paid
  • Automatically send text and email follow-ups to past due accounts
  • Send multiple invoices at once with batch invoicing

Detailed reports on every aspect of your commercial operation

  • Run over 100 reports on orders, customers, revenue, and more
  • View your operation from a glance with real-time dashboards
  • Complete control over pricing, with custom terms for each service and customer
  • Know your commercial machine capacity with advanced processing
Data Driven Decisions

Make the right growth decisions

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  • Discover which businesses are your best commercial customers
  • Increase order volume with custom product and service pricing tiers
  • Manage your delivery business with a dedicated driver app and set private booking times for larger operations
  • Sort and filter customers to create commercial marketing segments
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Operator Spotlight

Cents is pushing the industry forward

"What's great about Cents is I feel like they're trying to push the industry forward, which is exactly what we're trying to do."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial laundry invoicing?

Commercial laundry invoicing involves creating detailed bills for businesses like hotels, hospitals, and gyms that handle large volumes of laundry.

It may include billing, payment tracking, and managing customer accounts, and ensuring accurate financial management.

What features does the Cents commercial laundry invoicing system offer?

The Cents system brings your in-store wash & fold operation and administrative work together, with a simple Point of Sale and web-based Business Manager to manage everything. 

Our commercial invoicing tools include automated billing, customizable invoice templates, real-time tracking of payments and dues, and detailed financial reporting to help manage your accounts effectively.

How can Cents invoicing software help streamline my business operations?

Our software enhances operational efficiency by automating the billing process, enabling faster payment processing, and reducing administrative workload, which helps you spend time where it matters most.

Can I customize invoices to reflect my brand?

Absolutely! Our system allows you to customize invoices with your business logo, colors, and branding elements, providing a professional look that aligns with your brand identity.

Do you offer training for my team?

Of course! You'll have a dedicated Onboarding Manager, and once you're running, a dedicated Account Manager.

With our library of training videos, help center dashboard, 24/7 support, and exclusive community to chat with other operators,  we have you covered on all fronts.

Your success is our success, and we'll be here every step of the way.


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