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One Platform

Everything in one place

How many systems do you use to offer POS, delivery, driver management, machine logging, cash cards, machine payment devices, employee tracking, customer service systems, website builders, and SEO/marketing tools?

Cents aggregates all your data points to a single platform and can leverage any machine manufacturer, payment and card system, accounting platform, payroll/HR offering, and more.

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More than just a POS

Yes, Cents has the best POS system in the market, and though a POS system is an essential aspect of running a full-service laundromat, it is not what grows and manages your business.

Point of Sale is a feature, but Cents is truly an operating system to track all aspects of your employees, orders, machines, and more.

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Happy customers

We keep your customers happy

Cents reduces lost bags/clothes rates by 99%. Customers can interact with your business via text, rate their experience, track where their order is at any moment, and opt-in to dynamic delivery scheduled days in advanced or on-demand within 2-hours.

Whether it's a customer who walks into your store or a customer that Cents drives to you, they'll be yours for life.

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Revolutionizing delivery

Laundry Delivery 2.0

Do you have a van and route, but need an effective way to track deliveries, orders, routing, and your fleet? Look no further than Cents.

But what if you don't have drivers, or no longer wish to pay and manage your own delivery system? By being part of the Cents network, you get access to our partners who power the Cents delivery platform. Being part of our network means $0 cost dynamic delivery for you, and affordable delivery for your customers, whether they want 1 or 2-way delivery.

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Any business owner benefits from Cents

Single Store Owner

Whether you are looking at growing your stores or optimizing your single store, Cents will help you get there.

Multi-Store Owner

Owning multiple stores can be an operational headache. With Cents, it
won't be.

Franchise Owners

Leverage a single operating tool for your franchised stores and connect them through the Cents network.

Cents For all

The best solution for all service types

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Self Serve

Cents will help you manage and grow the investment in your self-serve store. Average revenue increase of 20% with Cents.


Laundry has been delivered the same way for years, with the cost burden being on laundromats. Through Cents, laundromats can offer their own delivery at no cost.

Full Service

No matter what kind of full-service laundry you offer: Wash and fold, wash per bag, wash dry bag, dry and fold, etc., Cents will dramatically increase your operating margins. Average full-service revenue increase of 30% with Cents.

Decrease in lost bags
Increased employee engagement
Cost for deliveries powered by Cents
1M lbs
laundry tracked through Cents
“The Cents solution is a game-changer in our industry. I used to have 5+ systems to manage my stores. With Cents, I spend less time managing my locations physically, and more time growing it remotely.”
Brad, Tons of Bubbles
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