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One system powering your entire laundry business

The most integrated laundry and dry cleaning business management system in the industry.

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Why over 1,000 stores love Cents

Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Manage orders, sales, and payments in one system designed for the industry.

Washing Machine
Machine Integration

Know everything about your machines: when they're turning, why they're running, who's using them, and more.

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Business Management

Access everything from the business manager to better operate and understand your laundromat.

cents dispatch 51x40
Pickup & Delivery

Expand your market with pickup and delivery utilizing your own drivers or the gig economy.

Solutions that work better together

Proven to grow revenue, streamline operations, and improve efficiency, you have everything you need to view and manage your business in one platform.

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Cents OS

Transform your operations

  • Process payments with an integrated point of sale
  • Adjust pricing and services at every location
  • Manage employees from tasks to payroll
  • Understand your machines with full asset tracking
  • Monitor marketing efforts, revenue streams, and more

Your partner in success

We understand the complexity of getting started, managing, and growing a laundromat. That's why we provide an industry-leading customer support and success team dedicated to helping you reach your business goals.

Customizable solutions to run your business


The washing machine is the life source of your business. You should have access to all the information paramount to making strategic decisions about your business.


Provide dynamic pricing and give customers a modern experience.


Capture customer information and use it to optimize your business.


Unify your data for a holistic view of your operations.


Manage more with less, in less time, and for less money.

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A great partnership

"We’ve been utilizing the Cents platform for almost a year and it’s incredible to see how the product continues to develop and help our business."

- Ariana Roviello, Laundré

Game changer in the industry

"Cents allows me to scale, streamline my operations and offer new services like Pickup and Delivery without having to have my own drivers or insurance which is a game-changer and helped increase my overall volume by 20%."

- Lily Li, Lily Laundromat

Sets you up for success

"I've either demoed or used almost every laundry POS software platform, and I've never had support like I have had it at Cents."

- Waleed Cope, The Soap Box

A seamless process

"Once I heard that Cents offered a pickup and delivery management feature, I was sold. All of the scheduling and customer interaction is done within the software. It's easier to offer this service to my customers than ever before."

- Felix, 2 Boys Laundromat

Easy to use

"Cents has been able to provide the same sort of service that I try to provide my customers. The ease of use is incredible. Anyone can pick up a tablet and can understand how to use the platform which is amazing."

- Milton Espinoza, Laundromat @ Fairview

Checks all the boxes

"Cents is totally geared towards what we do here as a laundromat, especially operating and wash and fold. Because of the previous system that we were using, my team was intimidated by all laundromat softwares, but those feelings quickly disappeared with Cents."

- Tracy, TLC Wash House
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