How Partnering with Cents Transformed Self-Service Operations at Star Laundromats

Set in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn with a sister site in Staten Island, Star Laundromats was built on a foundation of excellent service. When owner Jason Worme opened his first storefront, he wanted to build more than just a place where customers come to clean their clothes; he set out to create a hub for efficiency, convenience, and community service.

Star Laundromats is a well-oiled operation providing a full range of premium services including self-service laundry, wash and fold, dry cleaning, and pickup and delivery. Jason’s commitment to consistent customer service, his team of dedicated attendants, and modern technology solutions have taken his business from its humble beginnings to operational excellence.

Today, Star Laundromats is where tradition meets innovation.

The Problem

When Jason opened his laundromat in bustling Brooklyn, the daily grind of keeping the business running smoothly was anything but hands-off. Jason faced constant issues and became all too familiar with 18-hour work days. The promise of passive income that draws many to laundromat investing simply wasn’t the reality for Star Laundromats. Jason knew he needed to make a change.

His dream of streamlined operations and a scalable business model was clouded by the reality of his antiquated coin-operated format. The manual process of cash collection was time-consuming, error-prone, and offered no insight into the business's financial health.

counting-coins-in-laundromat-blobJason explained, “Before Cents, everything was in a notebook. You couldn’t bring up any reports, I couldn’t tell you how much revenue we made in the last week.”

Beyond the coins, there was the disjointed nature of services. Each facet of Star Laundromats—self-service, wash and fold, pickup and delivery, dry cleaning—operated in silos. This fragmented approach meant that customer experiences varied, and staff had to juggle multiple systems, and he had no visibility into his store’s performance leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Then there was the issue of scalability. Jason had goals to expand and replicate his business model across multiple sites, so he needed a solution that could grow with him. The existing systems were not conducive to the consistency needed for expansion. Training staff for different procedures at different sites was cumbersome to the level of consistency that Jason valued.

The physical space constraints of the Brooklyn site added another layer of complexity. As the business grew, so did the demand for services, but without the possibility of expanding the footprint. This meant that increasing revenue without increasing square footage became a puzzle that stumped Jason.

Finally, Star Laundromats' reliance on traditional methods was at odds with modern consumer expectations. The business needed to embrace technology that could offer customers the ease and flexibility they had come to expect in all other facets of their lives.

These challenges led Jason to search for a solution. He needed something that could consolidate operations, streamline processes, standardize employee training, and open the gates to greater efficiency and growth.

The Solution

In his mission to simplify and scale, Jason found Cents Connect. He saw this as the way to weave all aspects of his business into a cohesive, centralized system.

cents-connect-penny-on-machines-blobThis digital solution offered an innovative approach to eliminating coins from the equation. This was a major strategic move for Star Laundromats, where the coin-operated format was a significant burden on time and resources. The transition to a cashless system allowed Jason to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience by providing a variety of payment options, including cards and mobile payments.

“Not having to lug around big buckets of quarters to start the machines, it’s a no brainer we’re now providing a better service.”

Cents Connect solved many of Star Laundromats’ problems with one dynamic solution. Its integrated system meant that whether a customer was dropping off a comforter, scheduling a pickup for their weekly laundry, or swiping their card at a self-service machine, the experience was seamless and familiar. For the staff, this integration removed the need to juggle multiple systems, paving the way for a uniform training process, which was invaluable for multi-site expansion.

"We made a decision to go with Cents. And one of the reasons was it was the only product on the market that allowed us to bring self-serve, drop-off, dry cleaning, pickup and delivery, all under the one operating system."

POS-Running-Report-screen-connect-blogPerhaps the best feature of Cents Connect was its remote management capabilities. It offered Jason a bird's-eye view of his operations, allowing him to monitor and manage both locations without having to be physically present—an essential factor for his work-life balance. "I can bring it [Cents Business Manager] up as an owner. I can look at the two stores, I can see from one portal what's happening in both locations," Jason said, highlighting the system's impact on his day-to-day operations.


With Cents Connect, Jason found a solution to his problems, an improved customer experience, a partner in growth, and a way to buy his time back.

The addition of Cents Connect was not just a solution; it was the start of a new chapter for Star Laundromats.

The Outcome

Cents Connect marked a transformative era for Star Laundromats. The system's efficiency was a game-changer for Jason.

"I think my favorite feature is the fact that I can just be at home, pull up reports, and know exactly what’s going on in my stores at any time.”

jason-outside-star-laundromat-wide-angled-blobThe shift to Cents Connect cut down on manual tasks, freeing up Jason and his staff to focus on customer service and business growth. The laundromats saw an increase in efficiency, a reduction in errors, and a new level of financial clarity that allowed for more strategic business decisions.

Customers of Star Laundromats were equally part of this positive spin. They enjoyed the convenience of cashless transactions, the ease of scheduling pick-ups and deliveries online, and the assurance of consistent quality service across multiple locations. The modern customer experience that Jason had envisioned was now a reality, making laundry less of a chore.

Jason reflects on this customer-centric approach, "The customers that are using the Cents Connect system, they just all say they love it. It’s been fantastic.”

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