Track products with inventory management

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Identify your best-selling products and know when to restock locations with modern inventory tools built for laundromats.

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Efficiently track and order laundry supplies

Cents Inventory Management System combines POS data with advanced inventory tracking to provide insights on top-selling items and offer real-time stock availability.

Modern Counter Sales

Go digital with your product sales

Adjust Inventory - Stock Received, filled
  • Create a real-time catalog of your inventory and available products
  • Set custom prices, adjust current stock, and add images
  • Make checkout seamless with barcode scanning
  • Monitor every employee action and adjustment
Adjust Inventory - Stock Received, filled

Unlock powerful sales reports

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  • Easily track cost, volume, and supplier information
  • Export sales analytics separate from service orders
  • Understand inventory adjustment reasons
  • Run robust rales reports from any time period
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Make better decisions

Optimize your purchase choices

  • Identify your best-selling detergents and supplies
  • Optimize stock levels and save space by offering your best products
  • Get low inventory alerts before you're out of stock
  • Easily reconcile your offline purchase orders or invoices
Operator Spotlight

Manage multiple revenue streams

"Because Cents has integrated an inventory system, I can track my cafe items separately from my wash and fold items. "


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access inventory management?

You can access and make changes from the Services & Products section of Location settings or in the Products & Services tab in the Cents Business Manager.

For current Cents customers, login here.

What inventory settings can I adjust?

When adjusting inventory, you can add in as much or little information as you want. The following items can be adjusted: reason for adjustment, stock count, memo, invoice number, unit cost, and supplier. 

Who has permission to adjust inventory?

The choice is yours. Roles and permissions can be managed under in the Business Manager. From here, you can toggle on or off this setting. 

Is there a report that displays adjustments?

Of course! The inventory adjustments report will show you a list of all inventory adjustments over a given time period. 

This report can be found in the Custom Exports section in the Business Manager. 

Can you manage inventory from the POS?

Yes, you can absolutely manage inventory from the Cents POS. This optionality will appear if your employee has permission to do so. 


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