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ESD cents
Cents & ESD Partnership

Hardware and software come together

Through this partnership, laundromats who currently have ESD's card reader equipment now have access to the Cents operating platform with a no-cost delivery system, payroll and employee management, full-service order management, and a best-in-class POS. Read the partnership announcement here!


Benefits for ESD Customers

This partnership was triggered by the growing demand for software to help laundromat owners grow and manage their business. This demand has recently been amplified through the accelerated growth of on-demand and full-service laundry due to the impacts of Covid-19.

esd standalone
“We've been using the Cents platform for in-store level functions (POS, order tracking, etc.) as well as certain business management modules. This partnership between Cents and ESD is an exciting game-changer for Clean Rite as I expect to continue to realize operational efficiencies through this integration, and this is just the beginning!”
Alex Katsman, Clean Rite Center