ESD and Cents Partner to Power Thousands of Laundromat Operators

Cents, a leading business management and in-store operations platform that enables laundromat owners to run and grow their business, has partnered with Equipment Systems & Devices, a 50-year payments technology company that is the leading provider of card reader equipment for commercial laundry machines.

This partnership was triggered by the growing demand for software to help laundromat owners grow and manage their business. This demand has recently been amplified through the accelerated growth of on-demand and full-service laundry due to the impacts of Covid-19. Through this partnership, Cents and ESD have created an integrated product where the businesses utilizing ESD hardware and cash-card technology can now leverage the Cents' powerful software capabilities in-store and remote management platform.

"We are excited to enable our customers to be part of the Cents network and to integrate their powerful software to create something that will truly elevate our industry."

"ESD has been a market leader in the laundry industry for decades, supporting the growth and accessibility of laundry for business owners and consumers through our hardware and payment systems." said Wayne Lewis, CEO of ESD. "We are excited to enable our customers to be part of the Cents network and to integrate their powerful software to create something that will truly elevate our industry."

"At Cents, everything we do is focused around creating the largest network of laundromat owners that can leverage the Cents platform to increase margins and revenue through operating efficiency and larger order volume," said Alexander Jekowsky, CEO of Cents, "We are so excited to be working with ESD to grow that network, integrate with the best hardware in the industry, and create a truly complete offering for business owners in the industry."

Existing Cents and ESD customers are already seeing the results of this partnership. Alex Katsman, President of the largest laundromat retail chain in the USA called Clean Rite Centers, said, "We've been using the Cents platform for in-store level functions (POS, order tracking, etc.) as well as certain business management modules. This partnership between Cents and ESD is an exciting game-changer for Clean Rite as I expect to continue to realize operational efficiencies through this integration, and this is just the beginning!"

Through this partnership, current and new ESD customers will have access to an all-encompassing solution for an industry leading tablet-based POS, driver/van tracking, no-cost delivery services, employee management, remote business management, revenue reconciliations and more.



Founded in 1969 by Harvey Gitlin, ESD is driven by an unobstructed vision to design and manufacture revolutionary payment solutions. Early on, ESD developed the first mechanical coin slide to accept coins in a vertical position. Recognizing the superiority of the design, ESD expanded into the development of additional products – expanding into the vending and amusement industries. Today, as a major provider of mechanical and electronic payment systems to the multi-housing and vended laundry industries, ESD offers a comprehensive line of cutting-edge smart card and magnetic stripe card devices and systems. To learn more visit


Cents is a venture-backed software company building the first market-network in laundry with a mission to outsource laundry day in America to local garment care professions and business owners. Through Cents, garment care professionals have access to best-in-class software proven to save them money that will drive additional revenue through remote ordering, on-demand services, and more. To learn more about how Cents works for laundromats, dry cleaners, multi-family/residential, and for consumers, visit us at