Cents and Global Energy Partner for Laundromats Across America

SAN FRANCISCO | October 11, 2021 -- Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats grow, manage, and understand their business, has partnered with Global Energy, a licensed energy broker in deregulated states nationwide, and a retail supplier of natural gas. Through this partnership, Cents will be able to help their new and existing customers dramatically decrease their laundromat utility bills. Cents customers trying out the service learned they were overpaying by about twice what they should have, in some reported cases.

Global Energy’s services, which include billing support, utility auditing, renewable solutions, budget forecasting, contract negotiations and market updates will be offered as an exclusive service to Cents customers.

Through this partnership, Cents and Global Energy customers will have access to an all-encompassing business solution with an industry leading tablet-based POS, modern payment technology, wash/dry/fold operations, employee management, store marketing, remote business management, revenue reconciliations and more. Global Energy is committed to negotiating contracts with private, third-party energy suppliers. While the market can fluctuate, they are generally able to get contracts that save owners an exponential amount of money each month. 

“At Cents, our mission is to support our customers in all aspects of their business. As the leading operational software platform in the industry, it is our responsibility to drive innovation in the industry by launching initiatives and partnerships that are rooted in benefiting our operators. We are so excited to partner with Global Energy to lower the price of utilities, one of the most significant cost drivers for our customers.” said Alexander Jekowsky, co-founder and CEO of Cents.     

“Global Energy has worked with thousands of clients in energy cost reductions leading to tremendous savings for over 10 years. We are excited about partnering with Cents and their clients to add additional value to the operational excellence their software is already achieving.  Global Energy will assist Cents clients to achieve cost savings and auditing in the most efficient and cost effective manner.” said Global Energy President, John Kim.

Existing Cents and Global Energy customers are already seeing the results of this partnership.

"John is great. In a twenty-minute phone call I found out I was paying almost double what I could have for my electricity bill. That's thousands per year in potential savings. Highly recommend the free consultation"

- Felix Rostein, 2 Boys Laundromat

Cents has obtained an exclusive agreement with the energy cost control strategists to allow for a premium service to be offered to laundromats who use Cents.

Learn more about the exclusive partnership and how Global Energy can save thousands per year on laundromat energy bills.

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