Complete Laundromat Due Diligence Checklist

When purchasing a laundromat, it's crucial to conduct the proper due diligence. Without it, you could risk an improper valuation that can cost you thousands of dollars. To ensure that you buy the right laundromat for your business goals and needs, we’ve outlined everything future laundromat owners need to be aware of in this easily digestible checklist.

Cents Complete Laundromat Due Diligence Checklist-2

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"When we first opened, times were uncertain and we weren't sure how easy or challenging operating a laundromat would be. When we signed on with Cents, I could immediately tell that it would be great. They showed us everything from start to finish."

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Know what due diligence you need to do when buying your first laundromat. In this checklist, we break down the four steps of laundromat due diligence for you to follow:

1. How to value the laundromat

2. How to assess its current costs

3. How to determine the laundromat's trajectory

4. How to find value-add opportunities

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