How to Start Wash and Fold Services

Offering wash and fold services provides laundromat owners new opportunities to increase revenue, tap into new customer markets, and get an edge over competitors. Get all the information you need to start and expand your wash and fold services with our free whitepaper!

How to Start Wash and Fold Services Whitepaper

Cents has all the tools that you need to thrive as a laundromat owner.

"Cents is totally geared towards what we do here as a laundromat, especially operating wash and fold. Because of the previous system that we were using, my team was intimidated by all laundromat softwares, but those feelings quickly disappeared with Cents."

Tracy, TLC Wash House
Owner and Operator

Take control of wash and fold with Cents

In this whitepaper, we'll discuss everything you need to know when offering wash and fold services at your laundromat:

  • The growing market for this premium service

  • Key considerations on what to think about when getting started

  • Essential steps to get your wash and fold services off the ground

  • How wash and fold can be a catalyst to offer other premium services, such as pickup and delivery

Learn more about how you can take advantage of the revenue potential from offering wash and fold services by downloading our free whitepaper! 

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