Tips and tricks to grow pickup & delivery orders

Sivan Salem was joined by Daniel Logan, owner of Columbia Pike Laundry, to share invaluable insights and strategies to expand your pickup & delivery services. Gain practical tips and learn from real-world experiences to elevate your laundromat business.

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Featured speakers

Sivan Salem

Product Operations at Cents

Working with operators and the Cents product day-in and day-out, Sivan is a fan favorite as knowledgeable host of Cents webinars. She is a wealth of knowledge in the laundry industry, and dedicates her time to helping operators grow their business.

Daniel Logan

Columbia Pike Laundry

Daniel Logan, Owner of Columbia Pike Laundry, opened the business in 2018 to provide a clean, customer-focused service. Specializing in wash & fold with pickup & delivery, Columbia Pike Laundry serves Northern Virginia and parts of D.C. Daniel enjoys helping busy people by taking laundry off their plates, giving them more free time.

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