The 5 Keys to Launching Pickup and Delivery

Learn about the different logistic offerings available for pickup and delivery, the best ways for operators to understand what systems work for their business, and the best practices when starting this service. 


Any business benefits with Cents pickup and delivery:

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Not offering delivery

Get started with pickup and delivery with Cents. Take advantage of our gig economy providers and test new operating models with no upfront cost. Expand your market, increase wash-dry-fold orders, and grow your business.




Cars and drivers

Owning your own vehicles and staffing drivers can be a great strategy for Pickup and Delivery, especially with multiple stores. Take operations to the next level with our logistics capabilities and delivery management solutions.




Gig Economy

Whether you are just getting started with Pickup and Delivery or you have a system in place, adding the Gig Economy into your Pickup and Delivery model will help your business by adding dynamic, flexible and on-demand capabilities.

Launch Pickup and Delivery

Watch our webinar recording

Learn about launching pickup and delivery for your laundry business and how it can be used to increase growth. Key points include:

  • How you can grow your laundry business with pickup and delivery

  • The top 5 best practices for launching pickup and delivery

  • How you can incorporate the gig economy into your offering