Using Technology to Scale Laundry Pickup and Delivery

Jordan Berry from Laundromat Resource alongside Nick Chapleau, Head of Dispatch at Cents and former-CEO of Starchup, and Gilli Cherrin, Chief Product Officer at Cents, discussed the importance of implementing a business management software to scale pickup and delivery.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery with Cents

Featured speakers

Gilli Cherring - Webinar

Gilli Cherrin
Chief Product Officer at Cents

Nick 2

Nick Chapleau
Head of Dispatch at Cents


What you'll learn

Nick Chapleau and Gilli Cherrin took a deep dive into Cents Dispatch: the consolidation of Starchup's advanced pickup and delivery platform with Cents' gig economy pickup and delivery product. They also discussed:

  • The customer demand for higher quality services and experiences

  • The importance of giving employees resources and tools to succeed

  • Why you need a laundry pickup and delivery platform to scale your business

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