How Partnering With Cents Grew Revenue by 20% with Pickup and Delivery Services for Lily Laundromat

With Cents, Lily Laundromat Grew Her Revenue by 20%

Lily Laundromat is a Women-Led laundromat that has been servicing San Francisco since 2013. Lily Li opened her two-store operation with a mission to help to keep the community clean and make laundry easy to do. Over the past year, Lily has been able to grow her customer base and business by leveraging gig economy platforms, such as DoorDash, in partnership with Cents. 

“My operation was extremely manual and time-consuming and it felt like it was impossible for me to scale. I wanted to expand my service offerings but I knew that I couldn’t do it alone,” Lily said.

The Problem

Lily said that she “wasn’t able to provide Pickup and Delivery services for wash-and-fold customers, which was incredibly difficult, especially during the lockdown.”

As the pandemic continued, an influx of her customers began to inquire about Pickup and Delivery services. However, Lily didn’t have a driver, insurance, car, or any of the necessary logistics to provide the service herself. “There wasn’t a feasible way for me to offer PUD by myself, I really needed the support” Lily explained. 

Before signing on with Cents, adding Pickup and Delivery seemed impossible. Lily Laundromat was looking for a gig economy solution that would allow her to provide Pickup and Delivery services without all of the additional logistics needed if she were to have an in-house PUD service.

“It doesn’t matter if you own one laundromat or 10, Cents will always be there for you and help you reach whatever goals you have,” said Lily. 

The Solution

Lily Laundromat integrated Cents into her operation in May 2021 when she knew that a change in her systems was imperative. “Cents’ customer service has been amazing from day one. I can always count on them being there for me no matter what day of the week or time it is,” said Lily. 

Lily continued by saying that “Cents allows me to scale, streamline my operations and offer new services like Pickup and Delivery without having to have my own drivers or insurance which is a game-changer and helped increase my overall volume by 20%.” 

The Outcome

With the Cents platform, Lily has been able to simplify her processes and seamlessly integrate Pickup and Delivery into her business. While experiencing a 20% growth, Lily can now spend more time building relationships with her customers and more efficiently operate her store on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, by the gig economy creating a “hands-free” experience for Lily and her employees, they can utilize the time that it would have taken to communicate the status of customers' orders and spend it doing tasks to improve their overall operations

“DoorDash will contact a customer when they’re there to pick up the laundry and just say I’m here for pick up and that’s it. I really like the tip option for customers because it equally benefits my employees.”

Lily Laundromat has seen tremendous growth and expanded its market to new customers which has been invaluable to her business.