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Working with our partners at Global Energy, you can schedule a 15 minute appointment to find out how much you can save on your monthly energy costs.

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We have a proven track record of finding some of the lowest rates in the industry. The least you can do is check to make sure you have the best rates with a free consultation.


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15-minute phone call has led to thousands in annual savings

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About Global Energy

Global Energy provides technically informed energy strategies to a variety of customers across the country. Known for its expertise, transparency, and focus on long-term strategies, Global Energy has been a mainstay in energy procurement and supply since its founding in 2004.

John Kim, President of Global Energy is most energized when working with/helping people, solutions oriented, and entrepreneur at heart.

His specialties include expert energy procurement and management services (natural gas and electricity) improving your bottom line with lower-cost energy solutions.

After operating primarily in the small business space, Global has grown to service customers of every size and geographic distribution. Whether it's a large manufacturer with plants across the country, commercial real estate, or a family-owned restaurant, Global Energy provides custom-fit energy solutions that manage costs and reduces expense volatility.

A picture of Global Energy president John Kim

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Global Energy is Amazing!

John is great. In a twenty-minute phone call I found out I was paying almost double what I could have for my electricity bill. That's thousands per year in potential savings. Highly recommend the free consultation.

Felix, New Jersey
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