How To Start A Pick-up And Delivery Service The Easy Way

Cents' CEO, Alex Jekowsky, Chief Product Officer, Gilli Cherrin, and Jordan Berry of Laundromat Resource discuss how to start a pickup and delivery service the easy way. 


Any business benefits with Cents pickup and delivery:

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Not offering delivery

Cents is the perfect fit for single-store operators who are looking to provide the best customer experience on the market. Increase revenue with pickup and delivery, optimize your workflows, and take your operation to the next level.




Cars and drivers

Owning your own vehicles and staffing drivers can be a great strategy for your PUD business, especially if you are operating multiple stores. Learn more about how you can take control of your pickup and delivery operation with the Cents system. 




Gig economy

Pick up and delivery doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be done with your own vehicles and drivers. The gig economy can be an effective, low-cost way to increase your revenue and customer base using the Cents driver app.

Starting Pickup and Delivery

Watch our webinar recording

Learn more about how you can get started and create a pickup and delivery laundry service easily with Cents. Key points include:

  • Why Cents created pickup and delivery capabilities into our technology

  • How you can grow your laundry business with pickup and delivery.

  • How you can incorporate gig economy pickup and delivery or your own drivers/vehicles into your business