The 3 Fundamentals of Laundromat Marketing

In this webinar, our host Sivan Salem, Director of Product Operations at Cents, talks marketing with Alexander Jekowsky, CEO of Cents, and Michael Bleier from AB Alchemy, direct-to-consumer marketing expert and owner of Greener Cleaner. They cover the 3 fundamentals when it comes to laundromat marketing and how Cents Accelerate can offer the best-in-class tools you need to build customer relationships.

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Featured speakers

Sivan Salem-1
Sivan Salem
Host, Director of Product Operations at Cents
Alex Jekowsky
Alexander Jekowsky
CEO at Cents
Mike Bleier
Michael Bleier
Founder of AB Alchemy
Laundromat Marketing

What you'll learn

In this webinar, we talked about Cents Accelerate, a suite of integrated marketing tools, and:

  • Why owners and operators should consider investing in marketing for their laundry business

  • How a website, email, and text messaging can help build stronger customer relationships and drive revenue

  • What resources, tools, and technology you'll need to create a successful laundromat marketing strategy

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