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Point of sale was just the beginning

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What started as a simple point of sale has become the only true all-in-one business management system for laundromats and dry cleaners.



Increase in Total Revenue


Increase in Employee Efficiency


Increase in Customer Retention
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Get more from your POS

By integrating an all-in-one management system into your operations, you'll have the flexibility and convenience to perform tasks from anywhere.


Integrate with everything

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  • Process payments with an integrated point of sale
  • Adjust pricing and services at every location
  • Control settings for pricing, orders, machines, and more
  • All the intricacy you need to run one or multiple locations
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Manage the floor

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  • Automate employee tasks using the business manager
  • Make it easy for employees to upsell and track orders
  • Limit loss prevention by setting your team up for success
  • Empower employees to truly become laundry whizzes
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Leverage powerful insights

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  • Access data from every element of your business
  • Track machine performance and customer behavior
  • Implement better-informed, strategic business decisions
  • Monitor marketing efforts, revenue streams, and more
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The industry's true all-in-one platform

Operator Spotlight

Improve the customer experience

"All of the scheduling and customer interaction is done within the software. It's easier to offer this service to my customers than ever before."