Cents Announces New Marketing Suite for Laundry Industry

New York | April 3, 2023 Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats and dry cleaners grow, manage, and understand their business, has launched its integrated marketing suite, Cents Accelerate, that gives Cents customers best-in-class website, email, and SMS marketing tools exclusively for laundry business owners. Proven to increase retention and store revenue, Cents Accelerate enables operators to build strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Cents Accelerate is fully integrated with all Cents products, allowing laundry business owners to create, execute, track, and maintain targeted and customizable marketing campaigns. With the addition of Accelerate, Cents provides a platform for owners and operators to manage every aspect of their business.

“Once a business owner has the best-in-class hardware and software to run their business, it was always part of our mission to provide them with the most powerful, yet simple marketing solution to grow their business at the lowest possible cost,” says Alexander Jekowsky, co-founder and CEO of Cents, “Through Accelerate, our customers can attract, retain, and re-engage their customers without any of the cost, effort, and guesswork that goes into marketing their laundry business.”

"Cents Accelerate enables us to stay in better touch with our customers,” said Corinna Williams, co-owner of Celsious Laundry, “With easy-to-use tools and automated workflows, we've been able to efficiently offer promos and run campaigns that help increase the revenue from our existing customers."

Cents Accelerate is all-encompassing, and supports the marketing efforts towards each kind of laundry customer; self-serve, wash-and-fold, pickup and delivery, and commercial customers. Accelerate users will have access to marketing resources to help grow their business, including an integrated and SEO-optimized website with easy-to-use templates, a growing library of automated campaigns to reach customers with targeted and branded email blasts, and a 2-way chat to send instant updates about offers and reminders to build better relationships with customers.

“This most exciting shift in this industry is putting the customer and their experience above all else,” says Gilli Cherrin, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Cents, “The core of the Cents Accelerate platform is to thoughtfully nurture that customer relationship, giving them a better experience and, in turn, driving more revenue to the operator.”

Cents Accelerate is available to all owners and operators who utilize Cents’ operating system. They can use pre-built resources and easy implementation to launch or grow their marketing efforts. Learn more about how Cents Accelerate supports owners with marketing resources to grow their businesses.