Cents and LaundryCares Foundation Partner to Launch Charitable Round-Up Donation Program in Laundromats Nationwide

NEW YORK, NY — February 6, 2023 — Cents, the leading business management platform helping operators manage every aspect of their business, has announced a partnership with the LaundryCares Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to enriching communities through programming that addresses unmet needs of laundry customers. Through the partnership, laundromat visitors across the United States can contribute to the LaundryCares mission through a pioneering round-up program, which allows customers to donate the change from their order to the foundation, nurturing a spirit of giving in the laundry sector.

The LaundryCares Foundation, dedicated to enriching and supporting communities in the U.S., is renowned for its Free Laundry Days, providing essential laundry services to thousands in need and fostering community bonds. Beyond this, the Foundation transforms laundromats into educational and interactive spaces, focusing on children's literacy and family engagement. Supporting laundromat owners in their community roles, LaundryCares Foundation helps alleviate the financial burden of laundry and redefines laundromats as key pillars of community development and support.

Cents, known for revolutionizing the laundry industry with technology solutions, has long championed the LaundryCares Foundation's mission. Deepening this commitment, Cents will enable laundromat patrons to effortlessly support the Foundation through a seamless change round-up program. With tens of thousands of customers frequenting Cents-powered laundromats daily, this initiative empowers each individual to make a meaningful contribution to the communities that LaundryCares serves.

"We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with the LaundryCares Foundation, a collaboration that deeply resonates with our core values at Cents," said Pablo Marvel, Head of Business Development at Cents. "This is a major step towards expanding our focus into supporting the community surrounding our operators, not just the business side of the industry. We want to continue to make a difference in the lives we touch, one laundry load at a time.“

“Working with Cents to expand our reach through technology is the kind of innovation we are seeking at Laundry Cares,” said Dan Naumann, Chairman of the Board at Laundry Cares. Wallace, Executive Director at Laundry Cares shared, “We are capitalizing on our incredible momentum from the last few years, and the results can be felt across all communities and demographics as we raise the bar on what is possible through philanthropic organization.”

The program is available for current Cents-powered laundromats to participate, with 100% of the proceeds raised going to the LaundryCares Foundation. By enabling laundromat operators to give back, Cents will offer more than a business solution, empowering the entire laundry industry to support and foster better relationships in their own communities. This partnership marks the start of technology enabled philanthropy and non-profit activity in the industry with future integrations now possible for various charitable organizations.

For more information about this partnership and how to get involved, visit trycents.com/partner/laundry-cares.

About Cents

Cents is a leading business management platform that helps laundromat operators grow, manage, and understand their business. With easy-to-use tools for point of sale, on-machine payments, revenue tracking, point-of-sale, and delivery services, Cents provides an all-in-one solution for managing the complexities of a laundry business. Designed with the unique needs of laundromats, dry cleaners, and multi-family/residential businesses in mind, Cents is the premier solution for entrepreneurs in the garment-care-and-repair industry. At the heart of Cents is a commitment to the industry's success, continually driving laundry businesses forward through ever-improving product solutions and strong community support.

About The LaundryCares Foundation

The Coin Laundry Association and its members established the LaundryCares Foundation in 2006 as a means of focusing the industry’s support to these communities through its network of laundry owners and their facilities. LaundryCares functions as a charitable foundation (501c-3) which is administered by CLA. In addition to the organization’s flagship events, Free Laundry Days, which have helped thousands across the nation with complimentary laundry services, the LaundryCares Foundation also teams with other organizations such as Too Small to Fail to deliver educational programs promoting children’s literacy and family interactions at the laundromat. The mission of LaundryCares Foundation is to enrich the communities of our members through programming that addresses unmet needs of laundry customers.