The Laundromat Resource Podcast with Laundré Owner: Ariana Roviello

Jordan Berry (Laundromat Resource) and Ariana Roviello (Owner and Operator of Laundré) discuss Ariana’s experience building a laundromat business in San Francisco using fresh branding and design techniques to modernize the way laundry is done.

Modernization of the Laundromat & Bringing Eco-Friendly Options for Your Customers

Jordan and Ariana dive into how she built her laundromat from scratch, how to scale and multiply your business and how she used her fashion background to refresh the laundromat space with Laundré.

Key points include:

  • Ariana’s background in fashion and marketing

  • Building a laundromat from scratch in a major metropolitan

  • Branding concepts for your laundromat

  • Systems to help you manage your laundromat

  • The power of networking

Ariana unpacks how her time as a gig economy driver in college impacted her perspective on pick up and delivery in the laundry industry today. She explains that by leveraging gig economy platforms like DoorDash, she has been able to vastly expand the radius of her laundromat business.

You can listen now on Apple Podcasts, or watch the video below: