5 Essential Laundry Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

The beauty of getting started in the laundry industry is that you have a century-long history of laundromat owners to guide you to success. From humble beginnings to modern profit-driving data hubs, laundromats and the operators that came before have plenty to teach you on your road to success. As the laundry industry continues to evolve, it’s important for owners to stay on top of improvements to laundry services, new technologies, and innovations in customer service. Podcasts are a great way for laundry entrepreneurs to continue learning and leveling up professionally. In the dynamic world of laundry services, staying informed and continuously learning is crucial. 

Why laundromat owners should listen to podcasts

Running a laundromat comes with its curveballs, but learning and finding inspiration from other operators can help you in navigating them. Laundry business podcasts offer a convenient way to access new knowledge with your undoubtedly busy schedule. Integrating some high-quality laundromat-oriented podcasts into your repertoire can significantly impact your business with practical advice, new ideas, and success stories.

Benefits of listening to podcasts:

  • Expert insights: Get valuable knowledge, experiences, and tips from industry leaders and owners who’ve cracked the code to laundromat success.

  • Flexibility and convenience: You can listen to podcasts during your daily commute, while doing mundane tasks on-site, or during downtime. So you can learn without carving out hours a week. Plus, they’re almost always free and usually available on every mainstream listening platform.

  • Continuous learning: The laundry industry is currently on the precipice of groundbreaking innovation. With new technologies and advancements in customer experience, it’s important to stay informed about the latest trends. Podcasts let you hear from successful laundromat owners and industry experts on how they navigated challenges and achieved success.

  • Improving customer service: With modern services and tools like wash-and-fold, pickup and delivery, online scheduling and tracking, and sophisticated data insights, the level of customer service today’s laundromats can deliver is better than ever before. Learning from podcasts can help you tap into this and get a competitive edge. 

  • Boosting business operations: Gone are the days of analog record-keeping and manual busy work. Podcasts can introduce you to actionable improvements on operations, from route efficiency to maintenance and marketing.

  • Personal and professional growth: Enhance your skills in areas that may not be as familiar to you, like marketing, management, and customer service.

5 Must-listen laundry business podcasts for success

There are plenty of podcasts for laundromat owners out there, but they’re not all created equal. That’s why we’ve curated this list of five that we’re sure you’ll get meaningful information from. Each of these podcasts is a treasure trove of insights and actionable laundromat business tips from vetted experts and successful owners. Keep reading for the top laundry podcast recommendations.

🎙️ Laundromat Resource Podcast

Overview: The Laundromat Resource Podcast, hosted by laundromat owner Jordan Berry, is a bombshell of insider information about the intricacies of growing a successful laundromat business from beginning to end. Jordan Berry, with his firsthand experience, provides listeners with useful advice and strategies that can be implemented immediately based on his own trajectory toward success. 

Key topics covered: 

      • Business growth strategies

      • Marketing tips

      • Customer service

      • Real-life success stories

Why It’s a must-listen: The Laundromat Resource Podcast stands out as a must-listen due to its unique blend of actionable advice and real-life experiences shared by successful laundromat owners. This podcast is equally great for new operators wanting to start on the right foot and seasoned veterans looking for fresh ideas.

🎙️ Planet Laundry Podcast

Overview: Produced by the Coin Laundry Association, the PlanetLaundry Podcast focuses exclusively on topics relevant to laundromat owners and professionals. This specialized focus makes way for nitty gritty discussions that specifically speak to the challenges and trends you’re slated to come up against in the laundry business. This podcast features interviews with industry leaders and experts, creating networking opportunities for listeners to connect with others in the field, which further extends its value as a resource. With its comprehensive coverage, specialized focus, and practical insights, PlanetLaundry Podcast is a go-to for owners.

Key topics covered:

      • Industry trends

      • Regulatory updates

      • Business management tips

      • Interviews with industry leaders

Why it’s a must-listen: The PlanetLaundry Podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the laundry industry. It provides a bird’s eye view of the industry designed to help growth-minded professionals. Listeners can expect to learn new strategies for improving their operations. Plus, this podcast brings industry leaders and experts on to provide real stories of experience, allowing listeners to connect with colleagues in their field. PlanetLaundry offers an ultra-specialized perspective on the industry that’s valuable and unique. 

🎙️ Laundromat Millionaire Show

Overview: The Laundromat Millionaire Show, hosted by Dave Menz, stands out as another industry-leading podcast for aspiring and current laundromat owners. Dave, a successful laundromat owner himself, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in each episode, offering valuable strategies for building a thriving laundry business. Dave's show is deeply rooted in real-world experiences, providing listeners with the direction needed to confidently make business decisions.

Key topics covered: 

      • Business planning

      • Scaling operations

      • Marketing strategies

      • Financial management

Why it’s a must-listen: What sets The Laundromat Millionaire Show apart is Dave Menz's unique perspective and hands-on approach. As a laundromat owner who has successfully grown his business into a multi-million dollar enterprise, Dave offers insights proven to yield results. His podcast serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or seriously improve their laundromat business, making it a must-listen for entrepreneurs in the laundry industry.

🎙️ Laundry CEO: Leadership Conversations Podcast

Overview: The Laundry CEO Podcast, hosted by Waleed Cope, is a valuable resource for laundromat owners seeking to enhance their business acumen. Each episode invites a different successful owner, innovative entrepreneur, industry executive, or investor to share stories and lessons about their journey through the laundry industry. Waleed focuses his conversations on the business aspects of running a laundromat, particularly leadership and management, sets this podcast apart in the industry.

Key topics covered: 

      • Business operations

      • Leadership skills

      • Marketing strategies

      • Customer engagement

Why It’s a must-listen: The Laundry CEO allows you to follow the stories of the country’s most innovative and successful laundromat operations. By featuring success stories from industry leaders who’ve made their mark, Waleed’s podcast provides listeners with a blueprint to improve their business with tested strategies. The emphasis on leadership and management makes this podcast essential listening for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned owners alike—plus, it even has a video format so you can take an intimate look into different laundry markets across the country. 

🎙️ Laundromat Insights by Speed Queen

Overview: Laundromat Insights by Speed Queen strips away the myths and misconceptions about the laundry industry and gives listeners the real story about what it takes to open and operate a thriving laundromat. The podcast features discussions on industry trends, technology advancements, and business strategies, providing valuable insights for laundromat owners and operators. Listeners of this podcast will learn how to maximize their own return on investment with tips from current owners.

Key topics covered: 

      • Innovations in laundry technology

      • Best practices for laundromat operations

      • Customer service tips

      • Return on investment (ROI) strategies

Why it’s a must-listen: This podcast covers the latest industry trends and technologies, making it perfect for owners who pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve. By covering a wide range of topics crucial to the success of a laundromat business, like types of machinery, sustainable growth tips, and acquisition from start to finish, Laundromat Insights provides a one-stop-shop for listeners who want to master the art of maximizing profitability.



Laundry business podcasts are an incredible resource for owners to stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the competition. Tune into these must-listen podcasts, and you’ll tap into a wealth of knowledge, practical tips, and industry insights that will help you elevate your business and achieve success.

Continuous learning and staying connected with industry leaders are key to making it big in this industry. These podcasts for laundromat entrepreneurs could very well be your gateway to inspiration, helping you navigate the challenges of the laundry business with confidence and expertise.