How to Staff Your Laundromat with a Winning Team

Our host Sivan Salem, Director of Product Operations at Cents, talked with John Cooper, Owner of WaveMAX Laundry Hialeah, and Waleed Cope, Owner of The Soap Box, to hear their insights on hiring, training, and retaining the best staff. Learn how to create a positive work environment, motivate your employees, and foster a culture of success that will drive your business forward.

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Featured speakers

Sivan Salem-1
Sivan Salem
Host, Director of Product Operations at Cents
Waleed Cope Webinar Square
Waleed Cope
Owner of The Soap Box
John Cooper v2
John Cooper
Owner of WaveMAX Laundry Hialeah

What you'll learn

We teach you the strategies and techniques that successful laundromat owners use to build and maintain a top-performing team:

  • Develop an effective strategy to attract the right candidates

  • Creating a comprehensive training program to ensure your team has the skills they need to be successful

  • Implementing a performance management system that helps you measure and improve employee productivity

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