How to Navigate Pricing at Your Laundromat

Jordan Berry from Laundromat Resource alongside pricing expert, Brian Smolin, Owner of Laundremax, and Gilli Cherrin, Chief Product Officer at Cents, talked about how to determine pricing at your laundromat without stifling profitability.

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Featured speakers

Gilli Cherring - Webinar

Gilli Cherrin
Chief Product Officer at Cents

Brian Smolin - Webinar (1)

Brian Smolin
Owner, Laundremax


What you'll learn

We spoke with real laundromat owners and operators on how they determine pricing at their laundromat, including:

  • How to determine the right prices based on your customers, competitors, services, and market

  • Tips and tricks to set the right prices while still generating profitable income

  • Why it's important to overcome hesitations when raising prices

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