How to Profit from Wash and Fold Services

Cents hosted a webinar featuring Jordan Berry from Laundromat Resource, Paul Hansen, Owner of Su Nueva Lavanderia, and Ariana Roviello, Industry Initiatives Lead at Cents and Owner of Laundré to talk about the wash and fold market and the essential key considerations to make this premium laundry service profitable.


Build a successful wash and fold laundry business


Wash and fold market

The demand for premium laundry services is increasing, and these services are no longer exclusive to high-income, white-collar areas. Premium laundry costs and services are more sought after, and the supply is lacking. An underutilized market means untapped potential.




Understand your value

The best way to compete and market your wash and fold services is to highlight quality, value, and convenience. Your wash and fold laundry service should not only offer something for customers but offer to do it in a way that is better than the customer can themselves.




Intent to grow

Expanding into wash and fold services can open the doors for even greater growth and scalability for your laundromat. Many of the processes and technology required to master wash and fold can easily be applied to other premium services.


Watch our webinar recording

We spoke with real laundromat owners and operators about their success in offering wash and fold services. Learn more about:

  • How to take advantage of the demand for premium laundry services

  • Essential key considerations when starting wash and fold services

  • What you need to know to boost your bottom line when offering wash and fold services