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Getting laundry where it needs to go

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Utilize employees and gig economy partnerships to offer your customers the convenience, speed, and safety of a laundry service that exists wherever they are.



Increase in Order Volume


Increase in Weight per Order


Increase in Average Order Value
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A platform to power pickup & delivery

Whether you already offer pickup and delivery or you're looking to get started, integrate a system that easily enables you to expand your market, increase revenue, and provide customers with an elevated experience.


Bolster your delivery offering

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  • Utilize an integrated driver app for route optimization
  • Build an online flow for improved customer experience
  • Control customer preferences, order tracking, and more
  • Communicate with customers to improve order transparency
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Leverage third-party drivers

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  • Offer pickup and delivery without any upfront costs
  • Enhance your offering with on-demand driver networks
  • Integrate with delivery partners to run the route for you
  • Provide a familiar pickup and delivery experience
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Efficiency drives pickup and delivery

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  • Take advantage of a streamlined, simple platform
  • Adjust pricing as you complete more routes
  • Track performance to evaluate and improve processes
  • Optimize routes without causing problems at the store
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Grow your business with pickup and delivery

Operator Spotlight

Build customer trust & loyalty

"Our customers are using pickup and delivery more often, and they love it, especially with dry cleaning. We can send them the link where they can verify everything."


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