Laundroworks Joins Forces with Cents to Bring Best in Class Technology to All Laundry Businesses

NEW YORK, NY — March 14, 2024 — Cents, the leading technology company revolutionizing the way local garment care operators grow, manage, and understand their business, and Laundroworks, the leading loyalty card payment system for laundromats and multi-family shared laundry rooms, have joined forces. Together, Cents and Laundroworks will create a true all-in-one solution by pairing the industry's most affordable and reliable on-machine payment system with Cents’ full-service laundry point-of-sale and business management system. Cents and Laundroworks will offer industry-leading products, with powerful integrations, while dedicating significant resources to Laundroworks product development and support infrastructure.

From POS, online ordering, and in-store operations tracking, Cents has been the leader in business management for laundry operations, particularly around the fast-growing category of full-service laundry: wash and fold, pickup and delivery, commercial laundry, and more. While these services create incredible opportunities for store owners, the traditional self-service sector remains a core driver of revenue for both standalone laundromats and multi-family housing laundry services.

“Since the day Cents started, our mission has been simple and consistent - support independent laundry business owners. We exist to provide our operators with a unified hardware and software platform to power every facet of their business," said Alexander Jekowsky, CEO of Cents. “Oleg and the Laundroworks team share the same vision and passion for our industry, and I could not be more excited for what this partnership will unlock for our customers.”

Cents has invested heavily in building products, like Cents Connect, to power machine payments and management tools for the self-service experience. Now, together with Laundroworks, the market leader for reloadable card-based payment systems, there has never been a more complete selection of solutions for a laundry business owner to optimize all aspects of their laundry business.

“We understand the responsibility we have to our customers and are committed to realizing our mission,” said Oleg Stepanov, CEO of Laundroworks. “Our team wanted to build more products, deliver even better support, and have the ability to build on the business my family started over 10 years ago. Joining forces with Cents only strengthens that commitment and will expand our ability to create amazing products for local laundries, multi-family buildings, and their customers. We will have more resources to double-down on the core Laundroworks technology.”

Customers and distributors across the country have already been vocal about their excitement for this partnership. “This is a perfect match - I can’t think of a more impactful partnership for my business.” Said Brian Riseland, the owner of Laundry Genius in Seattle, Washington, and customer of both Cents and Laundroworks. He added, “As an independent business owner, trust is huge for me when I work with any product. Getting to know both the Laundroworks and Cents teams as a customer, it’s clear they not only provide the best products but also have integrity and the best interest of me and my business.”

With this partnership, there will be no product interruptions or impact on existing support, and Cents is excited to welcome the entire Laundroworks team to continue building upon its powerful product line.

About Cents

Cents is a leading business management platform that helps laundry business operators grow, manage, and understand their business. With easy-to-use tools for point of sale, on-machine payments, revenue tracking, point-of-sale, and delivery services, Cents provides an all-in-one solution for managing the complexities of a laundry business. 

Designed with the unique needs of laundromats, dry cleaners, and multi-family/residential businesses in mind, Cents is the premier solution for entrepreneurs in the garment care industry. At the heart of Cents is a commitment to the industry's success, continually driving laundry businesses forward through ever-improving product solutions and strong community support.

About Laundroworks

Laundroworks, a family-owned and operated technology company founded in 2008, set out with a mission to create a better way of paying for and interacting with coin-operated laundry machines. Focused on designing, building, and providing support, Laundroworks is deployed in over 5,000 locations, primarily in the U.S. and Canada. The systems use underlying technology based on contactless cards, NFC-based mobile apps, wireless connectivity of readers, and real-time cloud management making it the industry leading product for stored-value solutions.