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As the laundry industry has progressed, it has become increasingly difficult to manage stores in an efficient way. The integration of technology into the industry has the potential to make operations easier and more streamlined, but can also be incredibly challenging to manage if not introduced properly. Customers have a whole new set of expectations when it comes to their laundry, including online ordering, pickup and delivery, and contactless payments.

These shifts throughout the laundry industry require new, digital approaches to laundromat management — the traditional business management methods simply won’t cut it. When laundromats utilize several different systems for tracking employees, facilitating customer interactions, and managing finances for multiple locations, it’s impossible to see a clear picture of the business. Let's dive into the way Cents’ all-in-one laundromat management solution can empower you to manage employees, customers, and finances with one system.


Employee Management

Centralizing employee data allows laundry business owners to better understand how their employees are performing and make well-informed decisions about their team. Every employee is different, so using the same methods for optimal performance may not work across the board. Centralized data and analytics help break down which methods work best for each location and each person, allowing you to make personalized decisions for each employee. 

The benefit of an all-in-one system for centralized business data is that it allows you to apply insights from one element of the business to inform the others. For the benefit of your team, analyze peak business days, times, and even seasons to optimize when and to what extent each laundromat location is staffed, improving both the customer and the team experience. 

Using employee data to understand each employee’s customer success helps inform decisions to create an improved customer experience, as well as increase customer retention and loyalty. For example, some employees may have better success when it comes to upselling laundry services. Analyzing different employee processes, alongside location and customer data, can help you understand which team tactics are working and which ones aren’t. If you offer pickup and delivery services, employee analytics can help you understand how your drivers are performing and how they can optimize the customer experience. 

Along with pickup and delivery drivers mentioned above, the different types of staff required to run a successful laundromat today have expanded far beyond the traditional cashier. As this list continues to grow, laundromat owners and operators can benefit significantly from a business management software that provides insights into the support each role needs and how each position best succeeds. 


Customer Management

When you are attuned to your customers’ purchase behaviors, you can better equip your laundry business to facilitate better customer interactions and optimize the entire customer experience. Integrating your customer data into your CRM allows you to create dynamic promotions based on data and time ranges, specific stores, product or service types, minimum and maximum quantities, and more.

Customer behaviors are not set in stone, nor should your laundromat software be. After promotions have been launched, an all-in-one laundromat management system would track insights to help you better understand what your customers respond to. This includes tracking:

  • Promotional engagement

  • Money spent and saved on campaigns

  • New vs. returning customers

  • Geographic-based responses

An all-in-one system also provides an organic and streamlined process to digitally encourage reviews and referrals to your laundromat. By tying your promotions to your referrals, you can even have the ability to offer discount codes for every new customer referred or review left.


Financial Management

Create the best picture of your laundromat business finances by aggregating all financial data across multiple locations into one centralized place. It can be difficult to accurately assess financial data when different systems are used to manage inventory purchases, payroll, machine upgrade and repair costs, advertising costs, and other financials. A disconnected view of your finances can potentially lead to losses or ineffective internal processes that can stunt your business growth. 

If you’re managing promotional costs and savings through one platform for advertising, but using an entirely separate platform to manage third-party laundry delivery service costs, making those management platforms speak to each other in an integrated, accurate way can be very challenging. That also makes it very difficult to see the full financial picture and make the most effective financial choices for your business. An all-in-one financial system creates complete financial understanding through holistic data, empowering laundromat owners to make fully informed financial decisions and see their effects throughout the entire business.


Multi-Store Location Management

Managing multiple laundromat locations can be a logistical nightmare. Managing different employees and teams across multiple locations is inevitably challenging, as every leader and every employee is different. Throughout different geographical demographics, customer behaviors can change drastically. Managing machine upgrades and repairs in different cities or even states require relationships with the right repair professionals in a variety of locations. Sales regulations vary from state to state, and staying on top of them is challenging for any laundromat owner.

An all-in-one business management solution can create a streamlined, automated approach to all of these and many other location management challenges. An all-in-one business management software empowers laundromat owners to:

  • Personalize employee management by location

  • Understand customer behaviors for each laundromat's geographical demographics

  • Manage hardware and software for physical locations and digital processes

  • Set your POS to align with each area’s unique sales regulations

  • Save time by automating internal processes rather than performing them manually


Operations and Performance Management

While operations and performance overlap with the other areas of management, having the right systems in place to accurately track key performance indicators for your laundromat business is essential in managing those other areas. Your employees, hardware, software, and locations function more efficiently as a whole when your operations and performance management tools provide effective, up-to-date insights.

Expectations for laundromats have changed, and in order to meet or exceed those expectations, owners and operators need to dive deeper into performance tracking. Pounds per hour folded, average processing time, order ratings, and frequency at which machines are broken down are only some of the essential metrics that need to be tracked, and the outmoded, traditional methods are inaccurate and inefficient. Not only does metric tracking help you visualize the growth your business has already achieved, but it can also prepare you for projected growth. By precisely anticipating growth, you can accurately prepare for it by ensuring you have the right team, technology, and promotions in place. For the most effective laundromat management for today and for the future, laundromat owners need an all-in-one business solution that collects and analyzes relevant performance data for all operations in one place.


The Cents All-in-one Laundromat Management Solution

By aggregating all employee, customer, financial, and location data into one centralized place, laundromat business owners can enter into a new and empowering understanding of their business. Cents offers the all-in-one laundromat management solution that empowers laundromat owners and operations to effectively manage:cents pos system

  • Employees throughout all stores

  • Varying demographic customer behaviors

  • Financial activity

  • Multi-store locations

  • Operations and performance

To learn more about how Cents’ all-in-one laundromat software revolutionizes the laundry business industry, download the infographic, “How the Cents POS System Transforms Laundromat Operations.”

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