How to Start a Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Business - Jordan Berry's 2 Cents

The laundry pick-up and delivery business has been exploding and will only continue to grow as more people realize they can outsource their least favorite chore. This boom in laundry pick-up and delivery is probably the best opportunity for significant growth for laundromat owners today.

Let's outline what it takes to start a laundry pick-up and delivery business.


1. Choose the Right Software to Manage Your Business

The software you choose is vital to the success and size of your PUD business. It will be the heart of your operation, so it is important to choose the right software. I wrote a post on what to look for in a great laundry pick-up and delivery software to help you navigate the software terrain. 

Cents is a laundry software that checks all of the boxes mentioned in that article. Not only is it a great software that has all the features your business will need, but it is also backed by a top-notch team. You can book a free, no-obligation demo of the Cents software to see what it has to offer, and, just as importantly, to meet the team that is behind the software.


2. Build Your Website

At the bare minimum, you need an informative 1-page website that looks professional, a complete and updated Google My Business account, and a Yelp Business account (but don't advertise with Yelp!).

You want to make sure that customers are able to order your services online through your website so you'll need to integrate your software into your website. 


3. Hire Your Employees

Here are the minimum roles you'll need to fill (either personally or with employees):

  1. Laundry Intake: Accepts laundry from the driver, ensures it's properly in the software system and initiates the process.

  2. Wash/dry/fold: The clothes need to be washed, dried, then folded. This includes keeping the laundry organized, packaging the laundry in a bag, and replacing it in its proper place for the driver to pick up.

  3. Driver: Responsible to pick up and drop off the proper laundry at the proper place at the proper time.

One person can fill some or all of these roles, or you may have multiple people doing each of the roles. 


4. Market Your Services

Let me give you a few tried-and-true ways to drive customer conversions.

  1. Good signage inside and outside your laundromat

  2. Digital advertising- By far the most effective advertising platforms for a laundry pick-up and delivery business are Google and Facebook.

  3. Upsell your current customers

  4. Referrals

5. Improve Your Operation Everyday

A laundry pick-up and delivery business is not a set-it-and-forget-it business. It's crucial, therefore, to continue to look for ways to improve every day. Here are a few things to keep improving on:

  • Customer service: You can NEVER be good enough at this.

  • Efficiency: Look for ways to save time, save energy, save effort, and save money.

  • Leadership: Look for ways to continually lead your team and your business better.

  • Growth: Look for ways to continue to grow your business, grow your vision, and grow your people.

  • Technology: Technology can give you a huge advantage. Cents is a great example of how new, high-powered technology can rocket your business further, faster!

Book a free demo to see how Cents can help you grow your laundry business and better streamline your overall processes. 

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