6 Unique Laundry Business Ideas for a Better Laundromat

If you're looking for unique laundromat business ideas to set your business apart from the competition, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss a few unique services that you can add to your laundromat that will attract new customers and help your business thrive.

1. Pickup and delivery

Adding a pickup and delivery service to your laundromat business plan is a great way to improve convenience for your customers. As the name implies, pickup and delivery refers to giving customers the option to have their clothes picked up and delivered back to them clean and fresh. Pickup and delivery isn't new by any standards, but it's a classic laundromat business idea for a reason. Sometimes, people get busy and don't have time to do their laundry. Offering this service will appeal to those customers. Today, convenience is king. Pickup and delivery is a great addition to almost any laundry business plan and can present numerous new opportunities for growth.

To add a pickup and delivery service for your laundromat, be sure to carefully plan and strategize. This service can add a significant amount of value to your business, but if it isn’t done right, it could hurt your reputation and cost you loyal customers. 

Logistics, pricing, and potential delivery partnerships are all important considerations when launching a new pickup and delivery service:

  • Logistics: This can be the most daunting aspect of implementing pickup and delivery, but with the right planning and tools, it’s completely manageable. This entails mapping out your pickup and delivery routes to optimize time and resources. This can be done manually but using route optimization software can significantly ease the process and ensure maximum efficiency. Be clear on the geographical area your service will cover so that it remains feasible and profitable. Also, consider the times of pickup and delivery: can they be flexible to fit around your customers' schedules, or will you have set times each day?

  • Pricing: Striking the right balance between pricing your service competitively and guaranteeing profitability is one of the biggest priorities in the planning phase. Factors such as fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, labor costs, and even the cost of the bags you might use to transport the laundry should be taken into account. You may want to offer the service for free for large orders, as a value-added benefit to encourage bigger purchases, or a subscription model where customers pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited pickup and delivery.

  • Partnerships: Partnering with an established delivery service can be a great option, especially if you own a smaller operation and lack the resources to set up their own delivery infrastructure. This can help you get the service off the ground quickly and benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals. Research delivery services and negotiate terms that benefit both parties. Make sure you’re confident the delivery service can provide the level of service your customers will expect before closing the deal.

Starting a laundromat business is challenging in and of itself, and taking on pickup and delivery adds another hurdle. One common challenge is keeping the clothes in good condition during transportation, as they’re susceptible to wrinkling or damage. Investing in quality laundry bags and teaching your staff proper packing methods can mitigate this risk.

Another challenge could be managing your customer's expectations regarding turnaround times. It's important to set realistic expectations upfront, so customers know exactly when to expect their laundry back. In the case of unforeseen delays like traffic or unexpectedly high order volume, proactive communication with the customer is key.

As your delivery service expands, maintaining consistent service quality can become difficult. To overcome this, regular training for delivery staff and a systematic approach to quality assurance can go a long way.


2. Hybrid laundromat

On the more creative end of the spectrum of laundry business ideas is creating a hybrid laundromat. Essentially, this idea comes down to combining a laundromat with another business idea to create a two-in-one combo that makes it more appealing to customers. Fresh Laundry & Cafe, in Gainesville, Florida, is a perfect example - blending the cafe atmosphere with a modern laundromat.

A few different hybrid laundromat ideas include:

Laundromat Cafe

Combining a laundromat with a cafe creates a cozy environment where customers can indulge in a snack or meal while their laundry is being taken care of. Café Laundromat, in Oslo, Norway offers an in-store library of over 4,000 books so guests can enjoy a latté with a side of brain food.

Laundromat Coffee Shop

Similar to a cafe, a coffee shop can offer customers a relaxed atmosphere with their favorite brew. The smell of fresh coffee is generally more appealing and less intrusive to the laundry process. Take a page out of Hong Kong-based Coffee and Laundry, where patrons can grab a cold brew and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while waiting for their spin cycle to finish. A challenge can be managing peak hours for both businesses, as morning rush for coffee might coincide with a busy laundry period. Strategic staffing and operational planning can mitigate this issue.

Laundromat Bar

This concept offers customers a unique and enjoyable way to pass the time. Take Antwerp’s Wasbar for example, which offers an in-house bar and a small-bites lunch menu, complete with patio seating.

Laundromat Bakery

Freshly baked goods can be an irresistible draw for customers. Similar to a cafe, managing food odors and ensuring cleanliness are the main challenges here. Strict cleanliness protocols and a well-designed layout can address these issues.

Laundromat Convenience Store

This hybrid model would offer customers the ability to shop for essentials while waiting for their laundry. Inventory management could be a potential challenge, but this can be streamlined with efficient systems and software.

Laundromat Performance Venue

This exciting concept could feature live music, poetry readings, stand-up comedy, small-scale theater performances, or DJ sets like SPLASH Laundromat in Barcelona. The biggest challenge would be the potential noise and crowd management, but with soundproofing and effective space management, this can be turned into a creative way to draw customers in.

Laundromat Arcade

Incorporating an arcade into your laundromat can turn a routine chore into a fun experience, particularly for families or younger customers. Brooklyn’s Sunshine Laundromat does this expertly by including an arcade and mini art museum alongside their top notch laundry services. 

Including one of these attractions in your laundromat can increase the overall satisfaction your customers may have and increase their spending, too. The laundry business exists to take the sting out of a necessary chore, and allowing customers to relax with a drink or a pastry while they wait for their cycles to finish is a great way to improve the customer experience.

This idea also could open up a larger customer base. Getting more purchases from existing customers is a great way to increase revenue, and a great hybrid combination could attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Running a hybrid laundromat requires you to balance the needs and requirements of two distinct businesses, which can be challenging for anyone. Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success:

  • Clear Zoning: Separate your laundromat and secondary business appropriately to prevent potential disruptions to either service. A clear division also helps customers navigate your space more easily.

  • Staff Training: Put extra emphasis on making sure your staff are well-trained to handle both aspects of the business. Cross-training employees to handle tasks for both services will improve operational efficiency.

  • Scheduling: Consider your peak hours for both services and plan your staffing and operations accordingly. You may find different busy times for each aspect of the business, and being prepared will allow you to deliver smooth service.

  • Licensing and Regulations: Be aware of any additional licenses or regulations that come with your secondary business. For instance, a laundromat bar will need liquor licenses and may have additional insurance requirements.

With careful planning and execution, a hybrid laundromat can offer a unique customer experience, attract a wider clientele, and ideally increase revenue for your business. Do your due diligence in understanding the unique requirements of each aspect of your business and finding effective ways to combine them seamlessly.

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3. Unique services

A person cleans a pair of sneakers.

If you're looking for unique laundromat business ideas that will set your business apart from the competition, consider offering additional services that go beyond traditional laundry. Doing this allows you to cater to diverse customer needs and can help you carve out a unique market niche.

Some unique services you could consider adding to your business include:

Eco-friendly Services

With increasing urgency around environmental issues, many laundromats have begun offering eco-friendly laundry services. These services use biodegradable detergents, energy-efficient machines, and water recycling systems to minimize the environmental impact. This appeals to environmentally conscious customers and can distinguish your business.

Clothing Repair and Alterations

These services can be incredibly convenient for customers, as they can get their clothes cleaned and mended all in one place. It's a unique selling point that adds value and convenience for the customer.

Pet Laundry

This service is emerging in areas with a high concentration of pet owners. Offering specialized pet bedding or clothing cleaning can be a unique draw because these items often require different, more intensive care than regular laundry. Some businesses even offer pet grooming alongside this service for added value.

Dry Cleaning and Specialty Item Cleaning

While dry cleaning isn't new, offering in addition to traditional laundromat services can be a big plus for many of your patrons. Similarly, offering specialty item cleaning—such as for wedding dresses, suits, or curtains—can attract a different customer base.

Mobile Laundry Service

In busy urban areas or communities with limited access to laundromats, some businesses have launched mobile laundry services. These services bring laundry facilities to communities in need, standing out through their delivery of convenience and care.

Implementing these unique services requires planning, additional resources, and potentially further training for your staff. However, by taking the risk, you can redefine the laundry experience and step into new market territories that are waiting to be explored.

A great example of a unique laundromat service is sneaker cleaning from The Soap Box in Brooklyn, NY. This is a great way to attract those who are passionate about their sneakers and want to keep them looking like they just came out of the box.

Check out their service page to get an idea of what it looks like when you implement new laundromat ideas that allow you to expand into a new market territory.

4. Commercial wash and fold

Another excellent service to offer is commercial wash and fold. This is a great option loved by local businesses that need their employees' clothes to be clean and well-pressed.

Adding a commercial wash and fold service can be a lucrative way to expand your business and tap into a market that requires regular and high-volume services, like local businesses that need their employees' clothes to be clean and well-pressed.

To get add a commercial service in your business, follow these steps to get your first few customers:

  1. Approach Local Businesses: When starting to offer commercial wash and fold services, locate potential businesses in your area that might need these services. Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals often require uniform cleaning services. Make a list and reach out to them, tailoring your pitch to each business, emphasizing convenience, reliability, and the quality of your service.

  2. Pitch Your Services: When pitching your services, highlight the benefits such as freeing up their staff's time, guaranteeing clean and well-maintained uniforms, and improving their overall business image. You could also offer a trial period where they can test your services at a discounted rate.

  3. Negotiate Contracts: Once businesses show interest in your services, negotiate contracts that are mutually beneficial. These should detail the service frequency, volume, pricing, pickup and delivery logistics, and other relevant terms. Remember, the goal is to build long-term relationships, so ensure the contract terms are sustainable for both parties.

  4. Maintain Relationships: Regular communication and high-quality service are integral to maintaining relationships with your commercial clients. Always address any concerns promptly and professionally. Regular check-ins to ensure they're satisfied with your service can also help nurture a good relationship.

  5. Set a Profitable Pricing Strategy: Pricing your commercial wash and fold service is a delicate balance. You want to set yourself up for profitability while staying competitive. Take into account factors such as operational costs, market rates, the volume of laundry, and the frequency of service. You might also consider tiered pricing or discounts for high-volume contracts.

  6. Balance with Regular Customers' Needs: Offering commercial wash and fold services shouldn't compromise the quality of service to your regular customers. Ensure you have sufficient resources to cater to both types of clients. This might involve scheduling commercial services during off-peak hours or investing in additional machines.

Learn more about running a successful commercial wash and fold service by visiting these resources:

5. Eco-friendly options

Offering eco-friendly options in your laundromat can be a strategic move to attract customers who value sustainability. By implementing eco-conscious practices and promoting them effectively, you can differentiate your business from competitors, reduce operational costs, and contribute positively to the environment. 

Here are a few strategies:

  • Eco-Friendly Equipment: Invest in energy-efficient washing machines and dryers that conserve water and electricity. Not only can these reduce your utility costs, but they also have less environmental impact, which will attract environmentally conscious customers. Look for machines with ENERGY STAR ratings, which certify their energy efficiency

  • Green Detergents: Offer biodegradable and non-toxic detergents that are gentle on both the environment and clothes. Make sure these options are clearly marked and promoted, so customers are aware they can choose these eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Waste Management: Implement recycling programs within your laundromat. Provide clearly labeled recycling bins for different types of waste. You could also provide guidance on how customers can recycle or responsibly dispose of their detergent containers.

  • Sustainable Interior Design: Incorporate sustainable design elements into your laundromat, like LED lighting, solar panels, reclaimed furniture, or plants. This not only contributes to energy efficiency but can also create a unique, welcoming atmosphere.

  • Education: Use your platforms to educate customers about eco-friendly laundry practices. This could be through signage in your store, newsletters, or posts on your social media channels. Sharing eco-tips and facts can help customers understand the impact of their choices and feel more engaged with your eco-friendly mission.

  • Partnerships: Partner with local environmental organizations or initiatives. This could be as simple as hosting a local clean-up day or fundraising for an environmental cause. These partnerships show your commitment to the local community and the environment.

  • Carbon Offsetting: Consider starting a carbon offset program. This could entail calculating your business's carbon footprint and investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gasses by an equivalent amount. Promoting this initiative can attract customers who wish to support businesses taking active steps against climate change.

Authenticity is of the utmost importance in eco-friendly practices. Keep your actions consistent, and be transparent with your customers about what you're doing and why. By offering eco-friendly options, you’ll cater to a growing market of eco-conscious consumers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

6. Vending machines and games

Adding vending machines and games to your laundromat can enhance the customer experience, offering additional convenience and entertainment while customers wait for their laundry. 

Here are some ideas on how to integrate these features into your laundromat:

  • Vending Machines: Laundry supplies, snacks, drinks, or even small toys can be sold through vending machines. This provides additional income but also meets the needs of customers who might have forgotten their detergent or want a snack or beverage while they wait. Keep your vending machines well-stocked and functioning correctly to avoid frustrated customers.

  • Game Machines: Adding arcade games or tabletop games like foosball or air hockey can make waiting times more enjoyable for customers. This can be especially effective for families with children. Be sure to regularly maintain the game machines and provide a variety of games to cater to different age groups and preferences.

  • Quiet Games: For those who prefer quieter activities, consider providing board games, puzzle books, or even a book swap corner. This can create a community feel and meet the needs of customers who wish to relax or engage in a quiet activity while their clothes are being washed.

  • Kid-Friendly Corner: If your laundromat is frequented by families, consider adding a kid-friendly corner with age-appropriate games, books, or activities. This can keep children entertained and make the laundry experience less stressful for parents.

  • Digital Entertainment: Providing free Wi-Fi can allow your customers to entertain themselves with their own devices or get their work done remotely. Additionally, consider setting up a TV showing popular shows or local news.

Most of these ideas will require an initial investment, but can significantly improve your customer's experience. It's a step towards transforming your laundromat from a simple service provider into a community hub where customers enjoy spending time. Just remember, each laundromat's customers are different, so be sure to put your customers' needs and preferences at the forefront of your decision.

Push the limits of what a laundromat can be

We hope this comprehensive guide has sparked your imagination and provided you with actionable, unique ideas to implement in your laundromat. From introducing a coffee corner to adding in entertainment, each strategy aims to elevate your business, streamline operations, and ultimately, delight your customers.

Ready to make this year your laundromat's most successful year yet? The ball is in your court. Take action today and watch your laundromat transform into the thriving, modern business you've always envisioned.

Good luck, and happy laundering!

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