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Simplify your operations

Manage your entire business with a single dashboard that provides visibility into active orders, employees, and reporting.

Grow your business

Get started with Pickup and Delivery, manage existing drivers, and expand your offering with third-party partners.

Multiple payment options

Enhance the customer experience by allowing credit/debt, EBT, cash, and mobile payments.

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Navigate the laundry industry, connect with industry experts, and obtain support from a team that is here for you.


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Customer Support

Streamline business operations

"Cents has a great user interface and experience. I showed the POS to one of our store managers, Shawn, and she picked up the tablet and looked at it and said, ‘Oh yeah, this is way easier than anything that we’ve used in the past.'"

- Waleed Cope, Owner of The Soap Box

Acquire new customers

"When we launched DoorDash on-demand laundry pickup and delivery service. It was such a pivotal moment for us as a small operator. Since partnering with Cents, we've seen 40-50 new customers every month."

- Ariana Roviello, Owner of Laundré

Enhance the customer experience

"Cents has been able to provide the same sort of service that I try to provide my customers. The ease of use is incredible. Anyone can pick up a tablet and can understand how to use the platform which is amazing."

- Milton Espinoza, Owner of Laundromat @ Fairview

Ease of use

"Every step that is being done in the wash and fold process, customers know about. We send out the first text to let them know it is in the system, and then when it’s ready for them. Cents has made it a lot easier for us and I think a lot easier for our customers."

- Daisy, Manager at Happy Bubbles

Add additional service offerings

"Because Cents has integrated an inventory system, I can track my cafe items separately from my wash and fold items. I can track my financial day-to-day for the cafe separately from my wash and fold customers as well."

- Maritza, Owner of Fresh Laundry & Cafe
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