How a Laundromat Loyalty Program Can Grow Your Business

Laundromats are an investors dream. They boast an impressive success rate of nearly 95%, with ROIs ranging from 20-35%, thanks to the built-in recession proof business model and the necessity of the services provided. This promising scenario attracts many. However, the high success rate also means market saturation. With upwards of 35,000 laundry businesses across the U.S., laundromat owners must prioritize building unfettered customer loyalty.

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Dive deeper into the strategies that drive customer loyalty by exploring our guide, Boost Your Customer Loyalty, and discover how to implement an effective loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back.

Regular customers not only bring your laundromat steady revenue but they’ll also fuel sustainable business growth. While significant importance is placed on scoring new customers through marketing campaigns, this can’t be at the expense of a solid customer retention strategy. Acquisition can be costlier and less rewarding than retention, which has been shown to generate higher revenues and better return on investment (ROI).

Embracing customer loyalty is an invaluable strategy for laundromat success. A mere 5% increase in customer retention can skyrocket profits by 25% to 95%. That’s a huge return for a little elbow grease. Further, the spending habits of returning customers reveal they tend to invest 33% more than their newer counterparts. In light of these insights, it's clear that fostering and nurturing laundromat loyalty isn't just beneficial, it's vital for business growth.


The power of loyalty programs

Laundromat loyalty programs are a tried and true tool to build repeat customers and drive sustainable business growth. These programs not only cultivate repeat business but also strengthen the bond between the brand and the consumer, laying the groundwork for a long, mutually enriching relationship.

Loyalty programs have long been the secret sauce of some of the most recognizable retail giants. Take a look at Starbucks Rewards, boasting over 40 million members, they have masterfully gamified the art of sipping coffee. Customers accumulate stars with each purchase, which can be traded for perks like drinks, breakfast, and merch. Dollar Shave Club has pivoted its subscription-based loyalty scheme into an entire community. While free shipping and special savings are given, it's the extras like birthday surprises, exclusive merchandise, a bespoke magazine, and tailored recommendations that win loyal customers. Their approach emphasizes the broader ethos of loyalty—not just tied to purchases, but to holistic experiences. Meanwhile, Famous Footwear's "Famously You" program, revered as one of America's Best Loyalty Programs 2021, has harnessed the power of cash back. With over 22 million members and rewards that resonate with the average American shoe shopper, it’s evident that cash back incentives and tiered programs are winners in the customer loyalty world. 

Laundromat loyalty programs have power and the numbers stand to prove it. They can:

  • Increase profits: Studies consistently reveal that customers enrolled in loyalty programs tend to spend up to 12-18% more than non-members. 
  • Boost retention rates: Loyalty programs significantly influence customer decisions to stick with a particular brand.
  • Encourage referrals: Loyal customers are brand ambassadors in disguise. Around 73% of members of loyalty programs are more likely to recommend brands to friends and family, amplifying the word-of-mouth marketing effect.

Types of loyalty programs for laundromats

From the conventional punch card to sophisticated app-based systems, laundromats like yours have a variety of tools to help them build an engaging, effective loyalty program. Here are some of the most popular types of loyalty programs suitable for laundromats:

  • Points-based system: As customers frequent your establishment, they accumulate points. These points can later be exchanged for free washes or discounted premium services.
  • Tiered programs: New customers might receive basic rewards, but as they continue using your laundromat, they unlock even better incentives. This not only motivates them to use your services more but fosters a sense of achievement.
  • Punch cards: This one’s a classic. For every visit or service availed, customers get a stamp or punch. Once they complete the card, they can get free laundry services.
  • Referral programs: Reward your satisfied customers for introducing new patrons to your laundromat. This creates a community-driven growth model and mobilizes your customers as brand ambassadors.
  • Subscription models: Provide regular customers with the option to pay a set fee, monthly or annually, in exchange for exclusive services, discounts, or priority booking.
  • App-based rewards: Offer a mobile app where customers can monitor their points, book slots, and access exclusive deals. This creates an ultra-user friendly laundromat loyalty program and gives you a direct line of communication with your customers.
  • Seasonal promotions: Align loyalty rewards with seasons. For example, offer double points for “Spring Cleaning.” This keeps the loyalty program fresh and exciting throughout the year.
  • Feedback bonuses: Encourage customers to provide feedback or leave reviews on their experiences and reward them with bonus points for taking out the time. This not only gives you valuable insights but makes the customer feel valued.

Elevating the laundromat experience

Points and punch cards will get you far, but customer retention also relies on a strong foundation of experience-driven, value-added services.

Value-Added Comfort and Convenience

  • Free or premium Wi-Fi: Your customers want to stay connected, entertained, and productive while they wait. Give members premium Wi-Fi access and they’ll look forward to chore day at your laundromat.
  • Exclusive access to premium facilities: New machines or special facilities can be made available first to members, giving them a sense of priority and value.
  • Integrated clothing care services: Offer discounts on related services like dry cleaning or tailoring, transforming your laundromat into an end-to-end clothing care solution.

Community Engagement and Learning

  • Members-only laundry days: Designate special days with exclusive offers for members, enhancing their sense of belonging.
  • Skill-building workshops: Host sessions on clothing care, stain removal, or DIY tailoring tips. Events like these position your laundromat as a knowledge, not just a service provider.
  • Local business collaborations: Join forces with nearby cafes or restaurants, allowing for pop-up shops or discounts during member days, strengthening community ties.
  • A nook for the kids: Introduce a kid-friendly corner with games or books, so parents know when they visit your laundromat, it’s sure to be stress-free.

Leveraging Technology for Modern Loyalty Solutions

Customers are seeking more than just a transactional relationship with businesses; they want an experience that’s seamless, intuitive, and tailored to their needs. You can integrate advanced technology into your laundromat to create a holistic and enriched customer experience! Here's how:

Mobile Apps to Track Points, Rewards, and Exclusive Offers

Mobile applications aren’t just for Uber and DoorDash. By offering a mobile app, laundromats can provide customers with real-time tracking of their laundromat loyalty points, the ability to redeem rewards, and instant notifications about exclusive offers. With platforms like Cents, laundromat owners like you can even allow customers to remote-start machines or offer a comprehensive mobile payment experience, significantly enhancing user convenience.

Integration with Payment Systems for Seamless Points Accumulation

The problem with traditional laundromat loyalty programs is the time it takes to manually enter and track customer points. With integrated solutions, like Cents Connect payment system, customers can effortlessly earn points every time they make a payment. This system can process a variety of payment methods – from credit cards to mobile payments – allowing customers to accumulate loyalty points regardless of their preferred payment method.

Using Data Analytics to Tailor Offers to Individual Customer Preferences

A one-size-fits-all approach guaranteeing customer satisfaction no longer cuts it. By incorporating data analytics, laundromats can get a granular look at customer behavior, understanding which machines they frequently use, how often they visit, and their preferred payment methods. With insights from Cents' integrated suite, you can tailor offers and promotions to individual customer preferences, leading to loyalty rewards that resonate with each unique member of your community.


Tips for a Successful Loyalty Program

In a land brimming with laundromat options, customer loyalty can be the decisive factor between a thriving business and a struggling one. But designing and maintaining an effective loyalty program is no small feat. Check out California-based Super Suds Laundromat’s loyalty program for inspiration! 

Here are some winning laundromat business tips to build a loyalty program that really works for your laundromat:

  • Keep it simple: The best loyalty programs are often the simplest ones. Complex point systems or hard-to-understand rewards can deter customers from participating. Make your program is straightforward. This makes it easy for customers to understand the value they're getting and increases the chances they'll stay engaged.
  • Regularly update the program: As with any marketing initiative, novelty can capture attention. Periodically introducing new rewards or limited-time offers can reignite interest among your existing members and attract new ones.
  • Actively promote the program: A great loyalty program is of little use if your customers don’t know it exists. Utilize both in-store signage and digital channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and your website, to spread the word.
  • Be prepared to adapt: Your laundromat loyalty program should evolve based on customer feedback. Encourage members to share their opinions through surveys, suggestion boxes, or informal chats. By showing a willingness to adapt based on their input, you further deepen the bond of trust and loyalty.


The key to thriving as a laundromat owner is nurturing genuine customer loyalty. This goes beyond transactional interactions and top-tier services—it’s about creating memorable, value-driven experiences for customers. Leveraging technology, allows businesses like yours to tailor these experiences to the modern customer's needs, keeping them engaged, satisfied, and loyal. Couple this with simple yet effective loyalty programs, promotions, and open channels for feedback, and your laundromat will have a recipe for sustained growth and success. A loyal customer is your brand ambassador, advocate, and one of the most valuable assets to your business. So, invest in them, listen to them, and continually strive to exceed their expectations.

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Dive deeper into the strategies that drive customer loyalty by exploring our guide, Boost Your Customer Loyalty, and discover how to implement an effective loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back.